Ralph Gracie American Legion Post #14


     On April 12, 2018, a bus carrying 29 junior hockey players and their coaches was slammed into by a semi leaving 16 dead, and the other 13 injured.  The small town of Humboldt Saskatchewan and all of Canada grieve.


     As a gesture of goodwill and support, the Ralph Gracie American Legion Post #14 of Bemidji Minnesota is taking the lead in raising funds to bring the Humboldt Pee Wee Hockey Team to Bemidji's legendary PAULBUNYAN INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (Pee Wee teams).  We hope that this in some way will show how many people share their sorrow and that it will help raise their spirits.


     The cost to bring the HUMBOLDT Team to Bemidji will be fairly substantial.  Please show them you care with a donation that says just that!  Even a dollar from a thousand people would be a vote of caring and show them how many people keep them in their hearts.